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All Teen Anxiety and Depression

Teen anxiety and depression are running rampant in our modern world. Social media, academic pressures, school shootings, political unrest, pandemics, and global issues are stressing our young people out to the max. This is in addition to the extreme developmental and social challenges that teenagers typically face, such as hormonal changes, developing brains and bodies, and peer pressure.

Teen anxiety and depression have been linked to high stress levels, lower quality of life, and, in severe cases, suicide.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) endorses a universal depression screening guideline for people aged 12 years and above. Make sure you ask for a screening or contact a medical or mental health professional if you see drastic changes in your child’s behavior, such as low energy, losing interest in activities, change in diet, or irritability. If your teen expresses any talk about suicide, dial 988 for the Suicide Prevention Line.