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Sometimes being a parent to teenagers can be so lonely. Sometimes we just want to know that we aren’t the only one whose teen doesn’t come out of their bedroom, who doesn’t do well in school, who is having a problem making friends. Sometimes we just need a little parenting encouragement from people who have been there.

Tweens and teens are going through so many emotional and physical changes and as parents, we often feel like we are doing nothing right. In addition, there are  fewer opportunities for us to connect with other parents, and it can be tough to confide about the problems they are facing–and we want to protect the privacy of our big kids. Plus, the issues are far bigger now than they were when our kids were little. Gone are the fears of when they will be potty-trained and they are replaced with fears over choices that will affect the rest of their lives and our lives too.

We all need some parenting encouragement from time to time, especially during these challenging teen years.