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All Getting Ready for College

Congratulations, you’ve made it through the college admissions process and your child has chosen a school to attend! Now you’re entering a whole new stage of the college adventure and you have to get ready to send your teen daughter or son off to what will be their first step towards independence – college life! While the hardest part is over, there are still many things you’ve got to check off the list as you head into that first year of college. Most likely they will be living in a dorm, but it might even be their very own apartment. So, you’ll need to figure out what dorm room essentials you might need or apartment essentials. But parents don’t always think about the fact that their student is now going to have to handle so many things on their own like taking care of their medical needs, following a budget, managing a schedule and maybe even doing their laundry for the first time. Be sure you’re setting them up not just for academic success in college, but also all those adulting skills they’ll need to be ready to tackle.